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The First Robot President

My brilliant friend Caitlin asked if I would write about a topic that Greg had come up with for The Encyclopedia Show. It was the "Future" edition of the show, and Greg wanted me to write a piece on "The First Robot President." I was so excited. The only thing is, my grad school thesis (also about robots -- it's always about robots with me, it's a blessing and a curse), was due the next morning! I was behind on both my piece for the show, and my thesis. I felt so dumb standing in a long line at Ross to buy a pair of valour pants that I could fashion into a sheath for the robot I was going to construct. Then going to Home Depot to buy metal rods, wire, and a hacksaw. I was like, "my thesis is due tomorrow and I'm in the alley behind my apartment building a robot that nobody asked me to build." It was worth it in the end though because the illusion in the end turned out to be pretty effective. Unfortuntaely, it doesn't really translate as well on video.