Plays (and screenplays)

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    Short film script. Horror/Comedy. Identical twins, one a supermodel, the other her assistant, fight to survive their rivalry.
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    Bermuda! (Music By Bobby Halvorson)

    Full Length Musical (2008). Romance/Fantasy/Comedy. Music available upon request. Amelia Earhart goes to the afterlife in search of her one true love, Grenadine Stirfry. But Grenadine is betrothed to a German magician, and secretly in love with another magician, Harry Houdini. Amelia must convince Houdini to switch bodies with her in order to convince Grenadine to leave her fiance. Grenadine doesn't fall for it, but it's too late; her fiance kills himself when he finds out that Grenadine and Houdini are together. Grenadine leaves "Harry" (really Amelia Earheart in Harry Houdini's body), to mourn. Grenadine decides to leave the comfort of the afterlife for the finality of "the Desert of Deceasing." Amelia crosses the desert to find Grenadine before she evaporates into nothingness. 3 females, 3 males.
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    Dog Eat Shrimp World

    10 minute play (2007). Dark comedy. Three strangers collect at a well to throw in the items from their life that they believe are "holding them back." 2 females, 1 male.
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    Horse Girl

    Short film script. Dark comedy. Ruth, a socially awkward teen with a love of all things equestrian, struggles to get through the day so she can read her "Black Beauty" fan-fiction sequel in English class.
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    It Happened At Logan's Cousin's Bar Mitzvah

    Short film script. Dramedy. Sarah gets dragged to a boring wedding at the Hilton by her alcoholic mother. She ditches the wedding and finds a shy classmate, Logan, across the hall at his cousin's bar mitzvah. The two have more in common than they think.
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    Land O' Plenty

    One-Act Play (2011). After being home-schooled all his life, Ariel Carvell (who is not, he insists, named after the mermaid) is excited for his first day of "normal" high school. Unfortunately, his confusing name betrays him again, as Ariel finds himself mistakenly enrolled as the only boy in an all-girls school. To make matters worse, his eccentric, 37-year-old Aunt Lydia decides to enroll as well! Things look bad until Ariel sees the girl of his dreams across the hall and realizes that, with a little luck, life for the only boy in an all-girls school might not be that bad... 6-11 females, 3-4 males. NOTE: SAMPLE ONLY. Buy full version here.
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    Full length play (2008). Dark Comedy. Over the course of many decades, violence, destiny, and the family unit are challenged in a world of half-men/half-animal creatures. 4 females, 6 males.
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    The Life-Cycle

    Short film script. Dramedy. A young gay man, Evan Berrera, tells his family he's going out to see his girlfriend, when really he's meeting up with some cool older guys. While Evan waits for the guys to show up, his 80-year-old grandfather surprises him, wanting to give him his dead wife's wedding ring so Evan can give it to his girlfriend.
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    One-act musical (2007). Dark comedy. On a dreamy island only occupied by hard-partying 18-year-olds who think they're immortal, a witch named Taffy does a curse that causes all of them to die for their sins. Music available upon request. 4 females, 4 males.