“[ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS] possesses a snap that draws us in from its first, dazzlingly choreographed moments. Murray's deft and penetrating dialogue, which boasts both comic timing and perceptive emotional awareness, elegantly focuses the play's theme on the tragedy of unrequited desire. The ensemble, particularly the cast of often unbearably cruel robot beauties, is enthralling — it powerfully depicts the contrast between the glamorous, selfish immortal robots and human despair.” -Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

"[David Murray Largman's] sweepingly ambitious piece fascinates on many levels...meticulously paced and amusing." -Los Angeles Times

 “ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS satisfies the need for play on all sorts of levels: It's ridiculously engaging, arch, sexy, and makes fun of itself before you can. It's also the rare show that you wish would go on for, say, another hour.” -Quinton Skinner, Minneapolis City Pages

 “A finalist for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in the Best Play and Best Director categories, ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS is an exciting vehicle for emerging playwright David Largman Murray. In-between quick and wickedly witty dialogue, Murray posits philosophical questions with insightful and sometimes ghastly honesty that is emotionally mature and fascinating to watch unfold.” -M.R. Hunter, Los Angeles Magazine

 “What elevates the 22-year-old Murray's world premiere is that below the comedic surface is an intelligent metaphor for the American obsession with looking young and other superficial issues.” -Jeff Favre, Backstage West

ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS offers happier prospects -- No, not for the future depicted in the play itself, but rather for the professional future of the play's 22-year-old author David Largman Murray...Murray and director Emily Weisberg deliver the play's main point, about the essence of being human vs. encroaching dehumanization, with considerable wit and flair...It should be fun to see where Murray's imagination touches down in his next play." -Don Shirley, LA City Beat

 “If you only have time this month to see one dark-comedy dance spectacular about a dystopian future in which sex-craved, man-eating robots rule the world, then make it ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS. Writer David Largman Murray's script explodes with poetic flourishes, searing comedic wit, and intellectual contortions.” -Shana Nys Dambrot, Flavorpill Los Angeles

 “ROBOTS VS FAKE ROBOTS has plenty of fun with the concept in the first half, but that quickly falls away to something darker, deeper and much more satisfying.” -Ed Huyck,Minneapolis Post