12 Days of Sketchmas
Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:41PM
David Largman Murray

I was in a series of sketches called The Twelve Days of Sketchmas written and directed by Amelia. Amelia is hilarious and striking. This is the last video at the end of the night, and we didn't have a script for it and so we talked about it and then I improvised it. When I was done, they wouldn't stop filming me so I just had a really long moment, like a minute and a half, of just looking around and not doing anything... and then I realized that I'm sure they got everything they needed by now so I might as well start talking again. I ended up on a 15 minute diatribe against Christmas. The results are mixed, but fun! Check out the other 11 videos as well! I don't know how exactly, click on the youtube part? The "youtube part"? What am I talking about? Anyway, it's intuitive, you'll figure it out.


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